Teaching Gardens

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Teaching Garden:

One of Village Farmers Market Association's goals is to connect kids with the food they eat. The easiest way to do this is to show them where food comes from with a garden. VFMA along with support from the community installed 6 raised-bed gardens in Buena Vista Elementary School. This garden will be used to teach the children who attend VFMA weekly After School Garden Club many things, just to mention a few:

  • If you work hard planting and growing food, you are rewarded with delicious vegetables such as: onions, lettuce, peas, cilantro, carrots, etc.

  • A well organized team can accomplish an enormous amount of work as apposed to individuals working for themselves

  • Where certain types of vegetables come from: carrots are roots, broccoli is a flower, jicama's a root, peas grow on vines, etc.

  • The value of eating a healthy, nutrient rich diet

  • For only a couple of dollars in seed and very little room, you can have a supply of fresh vegetables



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