The Vandenberg Village Certified Farmers' Market is every Sunday from 10:00am - 2:00pm ON Burton Mesa Blvd. in Vandenberg Village rain or shine YEAR-ROUND.

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One of the Village Farmers Market Association's goals is to foster a locally based food system. One way V.F.M.A. is committed to accomplishing this is by providing a conduit between local farmers and consumers. This will be done at V.F.M.A. sponsored California State Certified Farmers' Markets. This farm to consumer connection is in lieu of conducting business through numerous middle men which each inevitably take a portion of the farmer's profit. This Enables local farmers and all connected with the system to make livable wages and ensure the sustainability of local and responsible farms.

Because V.F.M.A. is a nonprofit corporation that is 100% volunteer run, V.F.M.A. is able maintain low vendor fees ensuring our above goals are easily sustainable. ALL vendor fees go directly into supporting the market, or to supporting one of VFMA's community outreach programs.

V.F.M.A. is committed to keeping all sponsored markets in-line with a vision of what V.F.M.A. feels a farmers' market is meant to be.

V.F.M.A. Farmers' Market

  • The market is held ON Burton Mesa Rd. starting at the intersection of Burton Mesa Blvd. & Constellation Rd.

  • The farmers' market is on Sundays from
    10:00am - 2:00pm

  • Local fruits, vegetables, nuts, eggs, hummus, berries, and baked good filled with locally grown fruit is available


Hi, my name is Dede and I live in VV... I grow lots of food in my yard... keep bees and chickens ...and am getting my agriculture certificate to sell at farmer's markets.... I am really excited about a market in our neighborhood!!!! I would love to help out and get involved...... Look forward to hearing from you! - Dede

Hi, I just found your website and I am so excited about the prospect of a farmer's market here in the village.  I have participated in Blosser Urban Gardens CSA for two years now and really enjoy it, but becoming even more local is my goal.  I want to volunteer my time to help make the market happen.  Please let me know what I can do to help.  Thanks so much. - Mary

Although I am a resident of Lompoc city, I would support a Farmers' Market in the Village. - Allie Kay 

Hi, I just got your link and a farmers market in the village sounds like a wonderful idea! – Michelle

Hi, I am a resident of Vandenberg Village, and I am interested on the plan to bring a Farmer's Market to V.V. Please add me to your List of supporters, and let me know how I can help. - Olga

Hi I live in Mission Hills and I would certainly shop at the  Village Farmers Market look forward to this happening. - Jan


Benefits of Visiting
Your Farmers' Market

  • Fruits and vegetables have usually all been harvested within the last day or so

  • Significantly decreases the amount of fossil fuels used to transport the food you eat

  • You can actually talk with the people who produced your food

  • Promotes responsible, sustainable farming in your community

  • Farmers’ Markets are great community builders

  • Discover new varieties of fruits and vegetables

  • Farmers’ Markets put more money in the farmers’ pockets. Commercial farmers get only twenty-five cents of every dollar’s worth of produce sold in supermarkets. At the Farmers’ market, they get the whole dollar.

  • When produce is grown and purchased locally, the money remains in the community and stimulates the local economy.


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