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One of the Village Farmers Market Association's (V.F.M.A.) goals is to foster a locally based food system. One way V.F.M.A. is committed to accomplishing this is by providing a conduit between local farmers and consumers. This will be done at V.F.M.A. sponsored California State Certified Farmers' Markets. This farm to consumer connection is in lieu of conducting business through numerous middle men which each inevitably take a portion of the farmer's profit. This Enables local farmers and all connected with the system make livable wages and ensure the sustainability of local and responsible farms.

V.F.M.A. is a federally recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation that's 100% volunteer run. Because of this, V.F.M.A. is able maintain low vendor fees ensuring our above goals are easily sustainable. ALL vendor fees go directly into supporting the market, or to supporting V.F.M.A.'s community outreach programs.

V.F.M.A. is committed to keeping the Vandenberg Village Farmers' Market in-line with a vision of what V.F.M.A. feels a farmers' market is meant to be.


After V.F.M.A. receives an application from a certified producer:

  • It is reviewed by the Market Manager
  • The Market Manager determines whether or not there is a need in the market for the product, and the product's viability within the market
  • If the product is deemed to be a practical addition to the market, the producer will be sent V.F.M.A.'s farmers' market rules and a "welcome" letter.
  • The producer is expected to send V.F.M.A. all required paperwork to include: proof of insurance listing V.F.M.A. and the County of Santa Barbara as "additionally insured", Certified Producer certificate from the County Agricultural Commissioner's Office listing the products sold at the market, and any other paperwork applicable to items sold at the market
  • On the application the producer will annotate for how many weeks they are applying for.
  • The producer can send their producer fees in check form via "snail"mail to V.F.M.A., or V.F.M.A. can send the producer a "Paypal" link where producer fees can be paid. If the producer opts to pay via Paypal, a fee will be added to the transaction in order to cover the costs Paypal will charge V.F.M.A.

V.F.M.A. is currently accepting applications from Certified Producers for the Vandenberg Village Farmers' Market.
Since diversity in products is important for a successful farmers' market, V.F.M.A. is continually looking for new local certified producers. To become a "certified producer" there is NO size requirement. If you grow something on your property, you can become a certified producer.


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